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Sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of Maanshan Iron & Steel Biasi!

         Maanshan Iron & Steel Biasi is a joint venture under the Maanshan Iron & Steel Group. It is our mission to provide high-quality products for China's infrastructure construction, especially high-speed rail and highway construction. The company adheres to the management philosophy of "uniting people with common beliefs, regulating people with reasonable systems, influencing people with noble personality, inspiring people with common interests, and accommodating people with a broad mind", leading the majority of employees to provide users with high-quality services .

         The sky is healthy, and the gentleman always strives for self-improvement; the terrain is good, and the gentleman carries things with virtue. We will implement the service concept of "Buying Biasi products means buying with confidence", in line with the working philosophy of "starting with the heart, gaining harmony from people, following the path of nature, and becoming diligent", and work together with customers to achieve a win-win situation!

         Sincerely look forward to cooperating with new and old friends to create a better future.

                                                                                          Wan Ensan, President of Anhui Maanshan Iron & Steel Biasi Steel Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

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